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Promo turns your latest content into amazing weekly / monthly newsletters.

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How it works…


Step One

You focus on launching products, writing blog articles and adding offers to your site.


Step Two

We then track your best performing content for the month in real-time.


Step Three

Our super smart robots then use some magic to select the best content and generate newsletters when you want them.


Step Four

You can preview and tweak the content before we send it out for you.

Powerful features…

We Design For You

All email templates are designed by our in-house professional design team, they're really quite good.

Custom Branding

You can auto-magically inject your own logo, colors, imagery and styles into all your newsletters. Because we know you want to make it your own!

No Coding Required

Now anybody can quickly generate the perfect newsletter, not just those techy types!

Integrated Analytics

We give you the tools to track the success of your newsletter campaigns and discover trends to improve the content for future sends.

Simple, transparent pricing…

Always know what you'll pay


Perfect to design a newsletter


  • Design Newsletters
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Perfect to test the waters


  • Send 25 Emails / Month
  • Design Newsletters
  • Download Newsletters
  • Manage Unsubscribes
  • Analytics and Tracking
  • Friendly Expert Support
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Perfect for established newsletters


  • Send 2500 Emails / Month
  • Design Newsletters
  • Download Newsletters
  • Manage Unsubscribes
  • Analytics and Tracking
  • Friendly Expert Support
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Need more?

We cater packages to suit larger organizations

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  • Send up to 250,000 subscribers and beyond
  • Ability to send daily campaigns
  • Advanced customization of widgets, branding & styles
  • 24/7 Support Team
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How does it choose content for the newsletter?

Promo.ai uses a proprietary algorithm that selects content that would entice reads. It factors in popularity of content, historical performance, theme and sentiment.

What templates do promo.ai offer?

We offer a set of clean, flexible, professional templates you can customize. You can choose from a set of 5 templates that can be styled and customized to fit any brand.

Can I customize the look of the newsletter?

Yes, you setup a branding profile which automatically gets applied across all our email templates.

Do templates work on mobile?

Our templates have been tested to render perfectly across all major email clients, with support on all the popular web, desktop and mobile platforms.

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